The behavior of a norn and its interaction with the environment within Creatures is controlled by its Digital DNA. This DNA code can be modified using the Creatures Genetics Kit. The Genetics Kit is the official means of editing a norns genome but there are various third party tools available as well. See the links page for other sites that may contain such utilities.

While this web site concentrates mainly on the Norn brain lobes there are a number of other genes that are modifiable via the Genetics Kit. The online help in the Genetics Kit is not very helpful when it comes to descriptions of the individual fields within each gene dialog box. Follow the links below to get information on the various fields for each gene dialog in the Genetics Kit based upon information I've gathered on the net and experiments I've performed.

The information presented here was written for Creatures 1 but all the information is still valid for Creatures 2 genetics. I have not yet updated the screenshots of the genetics kit for Creatures 2 but not much new was added that needs explanation.


Reference Tables