This is a collection of links to other pages out there that I've found extremely useful in putting together the information found at this site.

The Palace of the Evil Shee
The place to go for genetically engineered norns for Creatures 1 and Creatures 2. Lis Morris has been busy and produced lots of wonderful genomes for both games. Also available from here is Terra Nornia - the completely new world for Creatures 1 that she and Sandra Linkletter created. If you are a Creatures 2 user, be sure to check out the Canny Norns from her site. Working with Lis, I helped out with some of the brain lobe modifications to these norns and they show great signs of much improved behaviour.

The Norn Underground
This is a great page for information on Creatures COB programming, sprites, genetics, etc. The Nuclear Chamber has some great genetically modified norns. The Echo chamber has some good technical discussion at times and the Chat is great for meeting Creatures users.

The one stop shop for everything you wanted to know about what is inside the Creatures genetics files. This site is especially useful if you are not using the Cyberlife Genetics Kit but are using one of the third party tools.

Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures
A fellow Kiwi has an excellent web page! A great central place to go to for cobs, utilities and his own genetically engineered norns.

A great web site full of norns to adopt. It also has lots of helpful information about installing cobs, naming norns and other information.

Slink's Burrow Online
Lots of good information here on genetics, cobs and the ever useful D-DNA Analyser program. Sandra Linkletter has provided me with assistance with the CAOS language which I could not have done without and was the first to encourage me with LobeStudy - Thanks Sandra!!

Unfortunately Sandra has now taken all her Creatures related material off her site. Some of this material is available at a website specially set up for Sandra's files.