Note 8/10/1999: The tutorials below use genomes and genetics kit screenshots designed for Creatures 1. All the information outlined in the tutorial is still valid for Creatures 2 but you'll have to use Creatures 2 genomes as a base to work from.

Here you will find some tutorials on adding brain lobes or making modifications to the genetic structure of a norn. The current plan is to show how the brain lobes work (at least my understanding of it anyway) using the BrainCellMonitor program to demonstrate how the changes work.

The information on each setting for the brain lobe genetics described in these tutorials is summarised on the brain lobe page.

Thank you Cyberlife for allowing me to post screenshots of the Genetics Kit. The Genetics Kit is available for on-line purchase from the Cyberlife Creatures website.

Tutorial One
Describes the general function of a brain lobe in a norn and demonstrates how it works by creating a simple extra lobe. Various things are tried using the new lobe using BrainCellMonitor to view the effects.

Tutorial Two
Discusses state variables rules (SVRules) and goes through some examples to demonstrate what the different opcodes in the SVRule expression do.

Tutorial Three
Discusses dendrites, what they are and how they work.

Perception Lobe Tutorial
A quick tutorial that demonstrates how the Perception lobe works and why it is a little different from the other brain lobes in Creatures.